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Popular children’s diapers SWEET KIDS meet all current requirements in the field of child hygiene. Alpine White Company offers a wide selection of quality, comfortable and convenient diaper different models and sizes, which are used by the first days of your child können. Die skin of the child is many times more sensitive than adults, and therefore it is important that the child’s skin stays dry and clean. For this reason, SWEET KIDS diapers are perfectly adapted to the key features in the development of the child and protect delicate baby skin from moisture and humidity that cause irritation or inflammation können. SWEET KIDS diapers can be used in many ways-when sleeping, traveling, playing and romping . Practical and elastic bands allow Wiederverwendung. Unsere diapers have a soft inner and outer layers with microscopic holes, which ensures constant air circulation and allows the skin to breathe the baby. The baby diapers SWEET KIDS do not run out, do not slip during sleep and do not bother playing. The soft textile surface of the diaper prevents irritation and keeps your skin baby clean, dry and healthy. The baby diapers SWEET KIDS give your child a good mood, comfort and freedom of movement.